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Find out about Local Sexual Health Services that are free and totally confidential. What's a GUM clinic when it's at home anyway?
We list websites with Sex facts, relationships, emergency help and info on local services for young people (13-25)
Request a home testing kit from here today
Request a home testing kit from here today

Welcome to Undercover

Undercover is a website which is part of NHS Bedfordshire Undercover condom distribution scheme. We operate the condom distribution scheme with the support of Condomania.

This website gives you accurate and up-to-date information about the condom distribution scheme, where you can access the scheme’s free condoms together with lots of information about sexually transmitted infections and sexual health services in Bedfordshire.

Undercover is linked to loads of other websites so that you can find out more about the health topics you are interested in.

We hope you like what you find but if you don't or if you have your own ideas about how we can improve Undercover, please let us know.

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  NEW Sphere Clinics in GP practices

New Integrated Contraception and Sexual Health Clinics are available in a number of GP practices across Bedfordshire.

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